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At the Lincolnshire Netball League annual presentation eve (Friday 21st May)

Brigg & District Netball Club was named Club of the Season for the 2nd consecutive year.

our achievemnts this year in the league are:

U11s - 2nd

u14s - 1st

u16s - 2nd in 2nd Division

U19s - 1st

Senior B - 1st in 2nd division gaining promotion to 1st Division overall best Attack of the season - with the most goals scored All the above crowned us the title of Club of the Season


Wales Week-End

Well we Are back - not all fit I report: Well what a weekend for the u15 team! We left Brigg all in good spirits after many girls having exams at school prior to departing. We arrived - due to traffic a little latter than expected - but all still looking forward to the weekend - had something to eat / drink and found our apartments etc. Sat - the rain was coming down - bank holiday style - but we started the tournament against Cheshire - and after being 6 - 1 down at half time pulled it back to 10 - 7 winning the second half but not by enough to take the game -we played a few more games - with a Drawn and losing by only 1 goal - and we started to Gel together - then Lucy went down - and that was the end of the tournament for her. The other girls took turns in defence and on Sunday Emily stayed there most of the time - but this time the rain had stopped and the wind blow - in fact if the posts were sunken into the ground - they wouldn't of stayed up! The girls all gave 100% and got involved in making decisions on team substitutes etc - to take real ownership of the team / games. we finished 5th but had a great time. We then went into town and went bowling  (Mark won I need to report!) and skiing - no injuries - so we were doing well, but after tea - things changed and and a fun evening on the dodgems turned into a trip to the local A&E for Vanessa and Emily - who returned with a pot on her wrist - and Sophie with ice packs on her knee - so out of the nine fit girls we returned with 6 - but spirits were still high and the team had bonded - so we now look forward to the coming tournaments and next year as u16s in the league.
what a team Sophie / Emily / Lucy / Mollie / Molly / Beckie / Emma /Laura & Devon - well done girls! and a speedy recovery to Lucy / Emily & Sophie

photos to follow



Well what a weekend!

We set of at 8am on Friday and got home after each team playing 19 games at 3am Monday Quiet a few of us with aches and pains - but I'm pleased to report no serious injuries! The U18 team were undefeated in the league section and ranked 1st by Sunday mid day! The Senior team had some great games and by the end of Saturday started to play together well - with 2 draws and 2 wins! and 2 games with over 50% of the score. Then Sunday afternoon - the U18's re played the other top 5 teams for the cup - and tired legs began to show - But as always they gave 110% and finished 3rd overall !!!!!! Saturday night was party night as Bry celebrated her 18th birthday - the younger ones amongst us dressed up as Geeks and the older members of the group - wore an item of pink! - photo's to follow !!

We hope she enjoyed herself and will remember it for some time. I will be taking bookings and early deposits soon for next year - so watch this space.   Vanessa


Out of the 4 girls selected to attend the County academy - 2 were selected to represent Lincolnshire at the regional festival on Sunday 25th April - congrats to Emily and Lucy ! - following their performance on the day - where Lincs won for the 2nd year running both girls were invited to attend some extra training sessions at Loughborough University and Lucy picked up an individual award on the day for the best "ball hunter" - for her dominance in defence.


Congratulations to our Tracey Chapman. She was voted North Lincolnshire Community sports volunteer of the year at the ceremony on Thursday 11th March. Well done.

Captains for the 2009/10 season were as follows:

U11 joint captains - Rachel & Ellie

U12 -   Louisa  

U14 White - Steph

U14 Blue - Zoe

U14 Black - Megan

U16 - Kim

U19 - Bryony


Quibel black - Bryony Franks

Quibel blue - Natalie Shaw

Quibel white - Alison Cowling

Quibel green - Debbie Shaw





Lincolnshire league


senior black - Natalie Shaw

senior blue - Bryony Franks

senior white - Debbie Shaw




 Good luck to all of them in the forth coming season


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